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Toronto, Ontario

September 15, 2015
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After a relaxed weekend in Charlotte Heidy and I spent the past weekend exploring Toronto, Ontario. Besides being known as the home of two of the biggest names in music today, Toronto has plenty to offer as a city. Aside form the basketball, hockey and soccer Toronto is is home to the CN Tower, which at 1,815.4 feet used to be the tallest free-standing structure between 1976 – 2010. As for our weekend, it started off with a late flight into Toronto and a late arrival at the hotel to find out our reservation was not made. However, true to the stereotype of Canadiens the hotel clerk was extremely kind and was able to accommodate us. The next day we met up with my parents and family and made our way through Toronto’s public transit, which features some cool metro trains, and made our way into Downtown Toronto. One of the first things that grabbed my attention after stepping out of Union Station were the multitude of high-rise commercial and residential buildings. Of course the CN Tower stood above them all.

From Union Station we walked our way through downtown all the way to one of the largest Chinatowns in North America, but unfortunately I didn’t get to try any authentic cuisine. Next we made a stop by the Museum of Contemporary Art to check out the gift store that had some interesting gifts. Afterwards I decided that after a day of walking some drinks were necessary. After a quick Google search I made the decision to lead our group to the Distillery District. Little did I know how far it actually was from the museum, but after an hour of walking we made it to the southeast of Toronto and were we glad. After some touristing around the area everyone was ready for some food and drinks.

The next day, after an evening of soaking our feet, we made our way to the CN Tower for lunch in the spectacular 360 restaurant. Before heading into the tower we spent some time checking old railroad hub, which parts have been turned into commercial space including a brewery. After checking in at the base of the tower we made our way through security and hopped onto the elevator. The elevator ride up to the restaurant was quite an experience and if that didn’t take your breath away the amazing view was sure to. Lunch in the restaurant was delicious. I definitely recommend choosing between the two- or three-course prix fixe menu, a nice drink and sit back and enjoy the view. Throughout the almost two-hour lunch we were able to enjoy a full look at downtown Toronto and Lake Ontario. Once lunch was through we were also allowed to check out the observation deck on the tower before heading back down. Once downstairs we made a stop at the Steam Whistle Brewery and took a look around the beautiful waterfront area.

Overall this weekend was full of activity, great views and wonderful memories. If you ever have the opportunity to visit our neighbors to the north I would recommend checking out Toronto, plus Niagra Falls is only an hour drive away!

- josue@yohipster.com - It's the simple things that are extraordinary. I enjoy good food, great music and better whiskey.

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