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The Beach – The National Building Museum

August 30, 2015
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Yesterday I took a trip to the all-white beach at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.
The exhibit was designed by the design firm Snarkitecture. Built out of basic construction materials the enclosure was filled recyclable balls to create a unique experience to simulate the feeling of being at the beach. The 10,000 square foot exhibit was centered in the museum’s main floor. It was packed with beach goers and a line wrapped around the outer walls.

Once you entered the exhibit you were greeted by all-white carpeted deck covered with monochromatic lounge chairs that sloped into a pit filled with close to 750,000 white polyethelene plastic balls. The fun really began when I tried walking down the slope into the pit of balls. Just trying to find footing and walking through the pit was a workout. Looking around the pit it was clear that it was appealing to kids of all ages. People were tossing balls across the pit at each other, others were jumping in and out. Plenty of people were falling into the pit just trying to walk around.

Overall the experience was just like being at the beach. The sounds of kids playing, the chatter from all of the beach goes and the lighting in the building all added to the feeling of being at the beach. Scroll through the gallery above to have a look at the exhibit.

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