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California Love

August 27, 2015
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Ask anyone that’s ever been to California and they’ll tell you it’s easy to fall in love with the West Coast. Last week I took my first trip across the the U.S. and there was no doubt I was going to fall in love with Cali. After picking up the rental car and dropping the bags off at the AirBnB Heidy and I did what every first-timer to LA should do, grab a bite at In-n-Out.

Once we filled up we made our way to Venice Beach. We tanned, checked out Muscle Beach, cruised the boardwalk and Venice Pier and watched the sunset on the Pacific for the first time. The whole time complimenting how wonderful the weather was. Honestly, that is the one this Cali has over any other state on the east coast.

The next day we made our way to Hollywood Boulevard and the Chinese Theatre. We checked out as many of the stars along the sidewalk and matched our feet and hands to the imprints throughout the courtyard of the Chinese Theatre. Next we hit the coast and strolled along the Santa Monica pier, collected sand and hit up happy hour. The day ended up with a trip up to the Griffith Observatory to overlook Downtown LA.

Day 3 started out with a drive up the 101 through to the Central Coast for a friends wedding out on a spacious ranch in Nipomo, California. On the way up and back it was clear to see the devastation the drought is causing on the environment. On the way back to LA we pulled off the 101 into the gorgeous Santa Barbara. Another beach, another pier and one amazing seafood shack. After grabbing lunch we soaked up some vitamin D and then made our way down to one last pier before making our way back to the AirBnB to rest up before the trip back east.

If you’ve ever been to California then you know it is real easy to fall in love and real hard to want to leave. For those of you that haven’t been and you get the chance to head out west make sure take it. Take a look at some of the pictures from my trip in the gallery above.

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