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Street Meet D.C. – 7/19/15

July 19, 2015
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Moving to a new city can be quite difficult. Finding a job, an apartment, and just as important a group of people who you can hang out with and share some common interests. For me the latter of the three was perhaps the hardest. Hell, in just two months I found my job and a permanent place to stay. However, finding a group of people who I could hang out with has been the tougher struggle. Sure, I’ve met people while temping and even at work. Yet it was not quite the connection I was looking for. But after a few months of living with my girlfriend she turns to me one evening and tells me she thinks she found a group that I would be interested in. She showed me an Instagram account and I was sold.

That Instagram account belonged to a group calling themselves Street Meet D.C. Essentially it is a group of photographers, videographers, and models that take on a different part of D.C. for an hours long excursion capturing pictures, videos, networking and exchanging ideas and visions. As a newcomer to the monthly meet-up I was glad at the welcoming atmosphere as everyone walked around from person to person getting to know each other. Those who have been attending the events since its inception took the reigns and began walking people through the location pointing out backdrops and locations to get some dope photos.

For this event the organizers chose to host it at the Navy Yards which provided quite the environment. There was a captivating white walkway, a boardwalk leading up to decommissioned navy ship and plenty of scenic locations. For my first go around at this event I will say it was something I wish I had found while living in Miami. You can check out some of my photos form the event in the gallery above and if you would like to learn more or see some of Street Meet D.C.’s photo selection check out the Instagram here.

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