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I’m Back! (No, I Didn’t Leave Anything Behind)

February 3, 2015
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It has been said time and again nothing great comes from staying in your comfort zone. Well, I’ve put that to the test. I’ve packed the basics needed for a Mid-Atlantic winter and made my way from sunny South Florida to the scenic Washington, D.C.

In my first week I’ve seen snow for the first time (yes, it took 28 years, but it finally happened), got to explore some of the Capital’s monuments and even got to watch a live performance at the beautiful W Hotel, which I will share images with you in my next post.

Even though it’s been only one week out of my comfort zone I’ve learned quite a bit. Firstly, there is no better support system than family; whether it’s immediate, extended, or through marriage. I have to give a huge shout out to my stepbrother who has let me crash at his one-room apartment while I hunt down a job and explore what Washington, D.C. has to offer. Secondly, your true friends will definitely make their presence felt particularly when you’re no longer in the same city as them. So Paul Arthur, Frankie a.k.a. Clark Kent, and my brother (but you can call him Primo) thank you for your support during this very stressful time. Don’t know how I would manage mentally without our chats. Finally, but certainly not least, there’ll always be that one person who will surprise you when you need it most – for me that happens to be my favorite lady. While I know everyone around me believes her to be one of the main reasons why I made this move (and they may be partially correct, hell I’m not even willing to admit to myself how much influence it had on my decision) she has really surprised me with the help and support she’s given me in just this week alone.

Admittedly I came out here unprepared. I gave myself three weeks to prepare for a mid-Atlantic winter and I’m not even sure how I’m getting used to the fluctuating temperatures. One thing is for sure I love it. Jumping into the deep end is certainly the way to go when you’re looking to find out your resolve. While it’s only been a week I’m optimistic that I’ll find my stride, get myself settled, and lay into this gem of a city – not only professionally, but creatively as well as I look to make up for the lack of posting from last year and refuse to fall victim to the “re-blog” game of the year before. Stay tuned to see what I put together for you all as I comb through D.C. (and the backlog of emails containing some interesting submissions) to showcase any and everything cool, not so cool, and let you decide what is and isn’t so hipster.


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