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Before The Trend: SOPOPULAR

November 26, 2013
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As winter continues and 2013 nears its end YoHipster shifts its focus to 2014 and the upcoming fashion season. For the newest installment of Before The Trend I speak with Daniel Blechman, creative director of SOPOPULAR.

Blechman launched SOPOPULAR in 2008 after spending the previous eight years working as a stylist with the international agencies Gimme 5 (London), House of Orange (Amsterdam), and M4 (Berlin). Since that time he’s created a brand that has grown in popularity across Europe and Asia while making his second appearance in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January.

Already having received plenty of praise for SOPOPULAR’s FW ’13 collection, the brand’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection “Black Hole Sun” is poised to be a favorite next year! As SOPOPULAR continues to cement itself within the European and Asian markets it is time that the U.S. start paying more attention to Blechman and SOPOPULAR. Have a look at SOPOPULAR’s SS ’14 “Black Hole Sun” lookbook in the gallery above then learn more about SOPOPULAR in our Q&A below.

    YH: How would you describe SOPOPULAR as a brand?
    DB: Our philosophy is to design urban men’s fashion, combined with classic lines and slim-fitting silhouettes as well as edgy street wear elements. SOPOPULAR wants to distances itself from the temporary nature of the current fashion world with the intention of creating modern classics and consistency. That is very important to me.

    YH: What was the inspiration behind your SS14 collection “Black Hole Sun“?
    DB: When I was living in London I studied interior design and besides that was working at the agency Gimme 5. I always loved the more structured pieces with clear lines and hidden details. So my main inspiration was the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Since I’m also very influenced by music, I remember the introduction to guitar music which was mainly grunge in the 90s with brands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Bush and so on. That’s where the name of the collection was drawn from. The colour palette for this collection consists mainly of shades of grey, black and white. Additionally, we added some digital prints, which we hand-designed ourselves.

    YH: Can you explain how you’re able to incorporate the right amount of edginess and classiness into the collection?
    DB: Well, naturally, there is no real format for that, something like this happens and evolves organically .The classiness of the sharp cuts, silhouette and the selection of quality fabric we use, are. key to this collection. Overall I find it kind of classic but with a certain twist of fabric mixing like tweed with leathers and so on. Also we break the classic approach towards streetwear, by adding elements like special zippers or hidden details, all to give the garments that unique SOPOPULAR touch.

    YH: What is the underlying message you’re looking to convey with the SS14
    DB Personally, I wish to design collections that speak for themselves, that communicate a clear visual image. SS14 is no exception. We like to develop collections that have a special connection with their audience. Each garment is designed to withstand the test of time and to interact with its wearer. So it is quite straightforward actually.

    YH: What expansions are you looking to make as a brand?
    DB: As a fashion brand, we try to grow steadily and sustainably, which is always a challenge for a relatively small brand like us. We have been very pleased with the reception of the latest collection and for the coming season, I look forward to showing my work in Paris as well. For now, we shall focus on the menswear collections we do, by fine tuning each season and spreading the SOPOPULAR word.

    YH: Are there any future plans that you can share with us such as any limited runs or collaborations?
    DB: Absolutely, there are some plans on the horizon in the near future. We will definitely make a small print capsule collection, which will be sold exclusively in our online shop as well as some special accessories. Next to this, we’re also planning some co-operations, which we can’t talk about right now – we are still in the working process. So stay tuned!!!

Images courtesy of Marlo Saalmink

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