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Before The Trend: BIBI CHEMNITZ

November 11, 2013
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YoHipster is back with an all new interview for Before The Trend! This time we feature BIBI CHEMNITZ’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection “Limited Beauty!”

Designed by Bibi Chemnitz and David Røgilds the collection is a excellent blend of Chemnitz’s greenlandic upbringing and Røgilds’ danish heritage with plenty of cues from nineties hip-hop fashion. While “Limited Beauty” may be the most regarded collection to date from BIBI CHEMNITZ the brand has been creating above average collections of Scandinavian/Danish streetwear for the last seven years gathering a consumer base that spans from northern and central Europe across Asia.

Continuing to pursue their own path BIBI CHEMNITZ is a brand that clearly disregards whatever the season’s trend may be and creates their own. Check out BIBI CHEMNITZ SS ’14 collection above learn more on the collection from lead designers Chemnitz and Røgilds below. You can purchase the brands FW ’13 collection now via their online store here.

    YH: What was it about ’90s Hip-Hop that you drew inspiration from?
    BIBI CHEMNITZ: (David): As I was really into hip-hop (New York – East Coast) in the early nineties and started playing basketball around that time as well, these past-times served as a strong foundation for this collection. I still play as much basketball as I can. Both elements simply stayed with me, this time as the focal points for the BIBI CHEMNITZ SS14 collection. The 1990s and its powerful subculture was very much founded on big logos, oversized looks and sporty dressing. For SS14, we tried to incorporate all these quirky sartorial codes into the silhouette.

    YH: What makes your SS ’14 “Limited Beauty” collection stand out from other streetwear collections?
    BC: Personally, we think our collection has a very genuine look and feel. The entire street/urban look has always played an important role in the BIBI CHEMNITZ silhouette, so it comes very natural to us to design a collection like this. One thing that is really unique to our style is the influences we lend from Bibi’s home, Greenland, where we find inspiration from the people and nature in this raw and beautiful land. Next to this, we work with an important focus on fit, quality and personal identities.

    YH: What has been the response to your latest collection locally and internationally?
    BC: To be honest, this has been the collection where we have been getting the most and best response internationally by far. This is great and most rewarding as we have been working with the brand for now over a little more than seven years. In many ways we are not as new as some people might think. For us it is so special to see, that all the hard work over the years was so much worth it, now people are starting to notice BIBI CHEMNITZ internationally more and more.

    YH: What is your opinion on the growth of boutique/couture streetwear brands?
    BC: (David) I think it is great that the street couture scene is growing, it’s about time that the entire heritage movement in fashion, is challenged a little. As for us, we have always been doing our own thing and are not looking too much at what everybody else is doing. Personally, I appreciate brands that stay loyal to their philosophy and work hard for their success; and not just get it over night.
    According to me, there is a wide range of brands founded just on the premises of a cool name or logo, which can be too simple and soulless. We always strive for meaning and reflection in each collection, also incorporating our Greenlandic ancestry, whilst also maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and quality. We shall definitely never seek the easy way out.

    YH: While many brands have gone with bold colors and flashy prints you’ve avoided that trend. Any particular reason why?
    BC: We have always tried to work from the dogma “Keep It Simple”. If you have a great fit, design and quality then it is often better to let these speak for themselves, instead of using too much pattern or color. In many ways, we like to return to the essence of design, focussing on detailing and tailoring.
    Next to this, Greenland also plays a huge role in our color pallet, the raw nature from Greenland gives us the black, grey and white colors we like to work with a lot. But in SS14 we have a few things that are kind of flashy, for instance the seal inspired black & white pattern, the hip-hop inspired black and gold pattern and the mint colored basketball set. Finally, we are very much inspired by the uniqueness found in the streets of Copenhagen, where our studio is currently located.

    YH: Are there any plans to expand beyond streetwear and can we expect any collaborations or capsule collections?
    BC: The last two collections we have been working on getting a few more tailored items into the collection and we shall continue to build on this. Bibi and myself, have both been on a long journey with BIBI CHEMNITZ, therefore also our vision on design and tailoring has developed. As things take time, we are now engaged in a slow process to add these kind of additional designs to the collection. Next to this, we have just found a new first design assistant, who shall explore new dimensions and alterations for future collections. Right now we are working super hard on the next autumn/winter collection and we can’t wait to show it to the world when it is finished.

Images courtesy of Marlo Saalmink

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