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JMSN “Pllajë” (Stream)

November 6, 2013
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Over the past couple months I’ve been sharing with you a number of releases from JMSN as he’s been prepping to release latest project Pllajë. Finally, the project has been released and it is the kind of project you’re going to want to keep on continuous replay. Pllajë features JMSN’s prior release “Fool,” “Walk Away,” and “The One” as well as a number of other songs that give listeners a sense of what JMSN has been feeling and dealing with since the release of his debut project Priscilla. Pllajë allows listeners to feel the emotion of lost loves, feelings of uncertainty, and flashes of hope. JMSN’s vocal performance on Pllajë picks up where he left off and continues to deliver his soulful, heartfelt sound. You can preview Pllajë in its entirety above and order your digital copy here or if you’re into vinyls like myself click here to get a physical copy. Enjoy Pllajë and if you can go check out JMSN live this fall!

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