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On The Rise: The Chainsmokers

October 25, 2013
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It was a coincidental New York City dawn in 2009 when Alex Pall (rumored to have been leaving Maria Sharapova’s hotel) and Drew Taggert (rumored to be sneaking out of Blake Lively’s building) hailed the same cab. A shared cab, small talk, and some breakfast and The Chainsmokers were born. Okay, probably not. Not too many people know how they met and The Chainsmokers aren’t saying how they met – it’s not that important. What is important is the growing number of hit remixes they’ve released and the amount of crazy ass parties they’ve played. Already having rocked Lavo New York, Marquee New York and Las Vegas, LIV Miami, and Greystone Manor LA (just to name a few venues), The Chainsmokers have been criss-crossing around the U.S and across the Atlantic proving that they’re the next big act in EDM. YoHipster got the chance to ask the duo a few questions and put to rest some rumors (and maybe start a couple more). Already one of YoHipster’s artists to watch for in 2014, get to know a bit about The Chainsmokers in the latest installment of On The Rise! Make sure to check out and follow their SoundCloud; I’m sure they’ve got some surprises on the way! Also follow The Chainsmokers on Twitter and Facebook!

    YH: Over the last year you guys have been one of the most consistent EDM acts dropping quality remix after quality remix. What’s been the drive behind The Chainsmokers?
    The Chainsmokers: It’s a simple answer, success… We couldn’t be more passionate about what we do, but we want to succeed and grow and continue to do bigger and bigger projects and influence more and more ppl. We don’t think this is a feeling that will ever leave.

    YH: With the way things are going for The Chainsmokers when can we expect to hear more original tracks, perhaps and EP?
    TC: Absolutely, for the last 4 months we have been working extremely hard on original content. This ranges from collaborations and features. We couldn’t be more excited about it, but this is a BIG step so we want to be sure to do it right and maintain our quality for music. This songs will really represent us, they aren’t just remixes anymore…

    YH: Traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad which has been the craziest event The Chainsmokers have played?
    TC: That’s hard to say, so many parties and shows so many different nights and experiences. USC Masqerave was pretty crazy but SAE in Texas was pretty wild as well. Its such a subjective question though because the party doesn’t stop when the show ends, we want to hang out and get to know everyone, which usually means things are going downhill haha…

    YH: Is it true that there’s no party like a Chainsmokers party?
    TC This is a rhetorical question we hope….

    YH: Whose team is the wildest, Team Drew or Team Alex?
    TC: Team Drew is more superficial he cares about things like money, hair color, political affiliation, if your thighs touch, Alex really doesn’t care about anything… not sure if that answers the question though. Both teams get fucking weird and wait till we start bringing this into our shows…

    YH: Who are some artists that you guys are looking to work with?
    TC: W&W, Chvrchs, Mat Zo, Sia, Matt and Kim, Lauren Welsch…

    YH:: What are some genres, aside form the indie scene, that you guys would like to create remixes from?
    TC: If it’s a good tune, it’s a good tune… Doesn’t matter to us. We love hip hop as much as wel love rock as much as we love house…

    YH: Climbing the ranks in the music industry, is the lifestyle everything you’ve imagined or better?
    TC: Haha what like hanging out at airports all the time and being a cliché, totally its awesome!

    YH: Finally, can you shed any light on the rumors that the both of you have been placed in Georgia May Jagger’s friend zone and that Selena Gomez got a Chainsmokers tattoo?
    TC: Haha… wouldn’t that be something, and for the record we play friend zone to no one… Friend zones are for the weak.

The Chainsmokers Upcoming Appearances

Nov 01 CELEBRITIES NIGHTCLUB Vancouver, Canada
Nov 02 CREATE Los Angeles, CA
Nov 03 Hi-Fi Scottsdale, AZ
Nov 08 VESSEL San Francisco, CA
Nov 09 Q NIGHTCLUB Seattle, WA
Nov 16 Whiskey Saigon Boston, MA
Nov 22 Liv Miami Beach, FL
Nov 23 Marquee New York, NY
Dec 07 V Nightclub Detroit, MI

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