Flow Festival Helsinki – Where Scandinavia meets a Hipster Disney World Universe

August 17, 2013
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The Flow Festival in Helsinki is now over and summer is coming to its end, so lets recap what went on in Helsinki. The festival started with an epic performance by the Swedish band The Knife on Wednesday, which served as a preview of what was to come – an eclectic mix of music, performance and style.

Flow Festival’s multiple stages and areas featured DJs and live acts from all over Europe. The festival’s main moments were without a doubt the performances by Alicia Keys, Public Enemy, Kraftwerk and Grimes. Probably one of the coolest features of Flow is the increasingly diverse set of artists in the lineup, from Jazz to House and Hip Hop to Rock covering more than the typical summer festival.

It is very cool to point out that this year has seen a very international crowd for Flow. Packs of people from Russia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, UK, Mexico and the U.S. were easily recognizable and brought a nice world fair component to the three-day festival. The acts were international as well, but we still saw a predominance of acts from Europe and the U.S., which shows us that there is still a lot of room to grow in future editions (I would love to see acts from Latin America and Asia come in next editions).

The tenth edition of the Flow Festival was indeed better than last year and it proves that you can indeed top yourself and evolve. This year featured a 3D-show; old school rap and off-the-hook performances by DJs like Disclosure. The good thing about festivals these days is that even as you go there you are still on FB, Instagram, Twitter and we have multiple vantage points of the gigs and looks from the festival. I mean when even the 54 year old rapper Flavor Flav tells you to tweet during his concert while taking selfies of himself you know taking pictures and blogging live is a must nowadays.

The festival was full of positive messages, amazing performances and a display of energy that is welcomed in a country as quiet and composed as Finland. The festival also had its political moments; the one that stood out was the moment where Flavor Flav voiced his disappointment of the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case and called for justice for the teen.

Flow was an example of order and cleanliness, yes, sometimes the bank terminals would not work properly but all in all it was beautifully organized. This ten-year-old festival has continued to evolve as this year we saw a more relaxed look and some bold choices that made the attendees a total treat to the eye compared to previous editions where attendees would over-do their outfits and try to shine due to their weird/stylish outfits.

Anyways in my experience the festival was great, the music was epic and the style made me feel like I was in Berlin or Coachella. Yet I have to say, Scandinavia has an edge on both, as it is way more liberal and trendy here. I mean name a venue where you can eat reindeer and buy designers clothes from the festival store. I truly recommend the festival to those out there who travel through Europe during summers. This indeed can be the perfect end to a backpacking trip around the old continent.

Take a look at the gallery of pictures taken by me during the festival and check out the colorful style of this year’s coolest hipsters. All pictures were taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone; if they look shaky just blame the very awesome cocktails yours truly had while enjoying the show.

Photographs by Beto Guzman Abundes with a Nokia Lumia 1020
Write-up by Beto Guzman Abundes (ChingaTuModa.com)

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