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Before The Trend: Spencer Wyatt

June 27, 2013
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In yoHipster’s continued search to find others who think, act, and embody the notion of being “Before The Trend,” I recently had the chance to speak with Spencer Wyatt a.k.a @moistvelvet. Who is Spencer Wyatt you ask? Besides being a yoga and biking enthusiast, Wyatt is the Color Designer for the ever-growing Lululemon Athletica in Vancouver, B.C.; also having worked the same position with Reebok International – safe to say he knows a thing or two on setting trends.

    YH: When selecting colors schemes for apparel how do you go about piecing the colors together?
    SW: People tend to be very sensitive to color, whether they recognize it or not. Certain color pairings trigger different emotions. I find that color application can often make or break apparel. For example, dramatic color blocking may work for some sport products, yet this same technique may be too aggressive for casual wear. I also use color to tell a story.
    Utilizing historical color combinations enables me to add further depth to seemingly traditional product. For example, pairing red, white, and blue may scream USA, while red, white, and black evokes memory of the Chicago Bulls, aka the Michael Jordan generation, all by simply changing one color. Creating a mood/story is easily one of my favorite parts of being a color designer.

    YH: How would you describe your style?
    SW: My swag is a potent cocktail of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Marty McFly (Back to the Future), and Bart Simpson, with a twist of Kris Kross.

    YH: Where do you draw the largest influence for your style choices?
    SW: Most of my style is influenced by memories of my blessed childhood, filled with Ninja Turtles, Deion Sanders sports memorabilia, early hip hop, and technicolor awesomeness.

Over the years as Wyatt has had a strong finger on the pulse of fashion, he has also shown his talents as a creative individual, along with his business partner Delroy Dennisur, when they launched their do-it-yourself sneaker vinyl STANCE.

    YH: What inspired you to create the STANCE vinyl?
    SW: Many of my creative projects stem from my childhood obsessions. Stance Collection was a collaboration that I did with my fellow designer/business partner Delroy Dennisur. It was a fun concept, embodying my childhood fascination with sneakers and footwear design combined with D’s love for industrial design and designer toys. We simply identified a void in the toy/designer tool market, and designed into it. We were inspired by the DIY custom sneaker trend. We intended Stance to be a tool for designers, young and old, enabling them to sketch, mold, and create footwear concepts three-dimensionally.

Taking that inspiration and experience Wyatt now focuses and putting together colors and outfits that tell stories and act as miniature fireworks catching everyone’s attention through Instagram as he continues to do his part in Lululemon Athletica’s continued success.

    YH: What, in your opinion, is good fashion?
    SW: I enjoy fashion that tells a story. I love the idea of channeling childhood heroes, cartoon characters, or historic figures on a daily basis. I often pay homage to a past generation or forgotten subcultures via my Outfits Of The Day (#ootd) on Instagram and FB. Well fitting 2nd-hand gear often trumps “ready to wear” in my book.

    YH: In what direction would you like to move fashion?
    SW: I would like to make fashion more accessible. I remember when full priced shoes topped at $80, compared to the current $150 sale prices. Colorwise, I’m excited for neons to go to bed. The market currently is oversaturated with oceans of foolish hazmat costumes. I’m stoked for pastels and the heather grey takeover.

    YH: What fashion trend would you like to see revived?
    SW: I can’t wait for silk shirts in outrageous floral prints to be revived. I’ll probably cop a few thrifting this summer.

    YH: What’s been the one fashion trend you’ve questioned?
    SW: I’ve never liked Nike’s 360 degree air bubbles. The ridiculous prices are matched by the clown-like aesthetic.

    YH: How do you define poor fashion?
    SW: Gaudy, rhinestone-studded apparel, sloppy sweatpants, gator skin shoes, and Ugg Boots all make me break out in hives.

    YH: What kind of collaborations would you like to be a part off?
    SW: Any field of creativity; music, art, etc. I would love to design women’s lingerie. The female form is easily the most inspirational subject matter on the planet.

    YH: Besides the fashion industry what else did you envision yourself doing?
    SW: I could see myself being a mean life-coach, helping folks of all ages set goals and find their passion. I enjoy stimulating conversation and goal setting. Philanthropy is a long term goal.

After speaking with Wyatt at length I can assuredly say that he is clearly an individual whose fashion and social opinions should be heard. Check out Wyatt’s Instagram – @moistvelvet – for some fly outfits. Make sure to get to know Wyatt as you will surely be hearing more from the man himself.

- josue@yohipster.com - It's the simple things that are extraordinary. I enjoy good food, great music and better whiskey.

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