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Before The Trend: Heidi Paula Langvad

May 30, 2013
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Our latest feature for our Before The Trend series is on the highly-talented Heidi Paula Langvad. Langvad is a Danish designer who has already won accolades for her talents as a designer; being voted most promising designer by Vogue and Muuse.com. Her latest collection, which you can look through above, embodies her vision as a designer – to highlight the power of femininity. Langvad is also devoted to producing garments using local Danish materials and creating the items by hand. While the collection above is one of the first of her main line HEIDI PAULA LANGVAD, she has already begun to build a name for herself by collaborating with Vogue and Muuse.com. Read more about Langvad in our Q&A below. You can view all her previous collections and collaborations here. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more from Langvad, perhaps on red carpets.

    YH: Did being voted as most promising designer by Vogue affect you in any way?
    HPL: It was a wonderful experience to go through. When you are still in design school, you live tucked in your own bubble, it is safe and quiet. The realness of showing your work to the outside world, is where it gets interesting and challenging. It allows for new ideas and for a reactionary approach to what you design and stand for. The recognition given to me at this early stage, gave me a lot of confidence and support, finding my own way in this highly competitive industry.

    YH: What is the underlying theme for your 2013 F/W collection?
    HPL: The collection is centered around the concept of looking beyond the facade, aiming for attention to details, carefully crafted alterations and craftsmanship. The silhouette is both exuberant, yet composed and confident. I aim to layer my garments, to add volume and work from a muted colour palette. The deeper one submerges oneself into the process of constructing the garments, the more meaning and contextual beauty one can create. I demand to show garments that show authenticity and sincerity, both in the quality of the materials and in the finishings.

    YH: After viewing your lookbook one gets the sense that your clothing line is made with women who are empowering themselves as well as others is around them, is this one of your goals with your designs?
    HPL: For me, this is important. Us women should always be aware of our most versatile and empowering weapon, that of femininity. When I close my eyes, I can always imagine a powerful Parisian lady, strong, mindful and always observed by envious onlookers. That is the woman I design for, a woman who knows her qualities and who is comfortable in her own skin.

    YH: Are there any plans to expand your line? Accessories, shoes, etc?
    HPL: Next to the collaborations I did, together with VOGUE ITALY and MUUSE.COM, I aim to focus more and more on my main line, HEIDI PAULA LANGVAD, where I would like to expand my collections gradually, without compromising on the hand construction and artisanal way of working.

    One of my long-term dreams, would be to set up a brick and mortar concept store, allowing for bridal couture, evening wear, cocktail dresses combined with luxury denim and lush knitwear, all designed in house. As I have already worked with accessories, I would also include a small selection of specially crafted bags, shoes and perhaps jewelry as well. As for the collections are not complete without them. The store would focus on quality production and the story behind my garments, often created in collaboration with local Danish craftsmen, knitwear and leather companies.

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