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Before The Trend: Ashley Tudor

March 23, 2013
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For this installment of Before The Trend I spoke with author, artist, designer and nutritionist Ashley Tudor, who recently returned from a month long excursion in China. For those that may not know, Tudor is the author of Sweet Potato Power, a nutrition book focusing on the importance of a Low-Carb Paleo diet centered on smart carbs. After speaking with Tudor it became quite clear that a healthy lifestyle is at the core of her inspiration for her projects including her latest “Trophies” – a sculpture series. Tudor began hunting six years ago in the search for a cleaner protein source while ensuring not let any part of the game go to waste; eventually she began creating stunning Bronzed European Mounts of the skulls of the game hunted.

Photograph by Kendall Wilkinson – – “Interior design firm, Kendall Wilkinson, highlights Tudor’s sculptures in San Francisco home.”

A key point that Tudor emphasizes in her “Trophies” series is the collaboration between humankind and nature. This is displayed by the bronze casting of the skull of each mount while the antlers remain in its natural state, reflecting the intersection of interaction between nature and humans. This principal is also a large influence behind her beliefs as a nutritionist. During our talk Tudor highlighted the importance of sustainability in our diet, making sure our food source is of good quality by having diets of good quality, and how there should be an individual attempt to find the balance between one’s existence and the environment around.

Photograph by BDDW – – “BDDW, New York-based gallery, caries selected pieces of Tudor’s work.”

When I asked Tudor what would be her advice for those looking to find that balance she replied that they should center they’re diet around affordable, sustainably-raised sources. While humankind is capable of dominating nature one must recognize that a healthier environment will yield a healthier self. A key note Tudor shared with me was that while humankind can be great we are just a part of larger picture and to reach our full measure of creation we must show an appreciation of our food sources.

Aside from penning a nutrition book and being an avid hunter, Tudor has also worked in corporate America lending her creative talents as a design strategist for Fortune 500 companies and start-up organizations. I asked Tudor if there were any difficulties in going from creating for one’s self to creating with and for others. She said that it was quite seamless due to the passion and talent of those that she collaborated with. Before concluding my talk with Tudor I asked what was next on the horizon. She shared with me that her next project would be a sculptured info-graphic depicting the cycles of our food supplies in an aim to raise awareness. To learn more about Tudor’s “Trophies” series visit her website here, as for those interested in changing to a more sustainable diet check out her nutrition book Sweet Potato Power here.

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