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The Perfect Girl

January 8, 2013
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Time after time, after time, we hear some sort of talk about the “perfect girl.” No matter how ostentatious the description there always is a description. She has to look like this, act like that, wear this and agree doing that. Honestly the idea of the perfect girl is at times over emphasized. Rarely do people agree on who the perfect girls is, but for every guy there is an ideal image. I for one am no different and have my own image of her. She has fair or lightly tanned skin. Her hair is brunette or strawberry blonde, and falls down to her waist. Her smile gleams and can brighten the darkest of days. Her eyes are a mixture of blue and green much like the waters off the coast of Bora Bora. Her fingernails and toenails are impeccably manicured, eyebrows threaded, never too much make-up, and wardrobe that rivals Blair Waldorf’s. Clearly it’s not so simple, but ask any guy and it never is.

One thing for certain though is that there is some sort of general consensus on some parameters that our idolized visions of the perfect girl should meet. Natural beauty, confidence, style and cultured are just a few that are a necessity. Throughout is a comprehensive list of traits that many guys feel the perfect girl should incorporate in one way or another. Not all of these are a make or break point, however they are the most frequent topics brought up in discussion.

Natural beauty of course would be on any guy’s list, but that’s not to say beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. However, the ideal should look stunning the way she is without an onslaught of cosmetic product; the kind of beauty that when you look at her you find yourself tuning everything around you out. More importantly, when you wake up next to her in the morning you don’t want to run for the hills. Call it superficial but looks are just as important as anything else.

No one wants a lazy woman with zero ambition and complains about not having anything to do. Ambition is something that is extremely attractive. Whether it’s with her personal life or professional life, an ambitious girl is always on a guy’s radar. An emperor needs his empress. Why would anyone want a girl that is completely dependent? Guys want a partner in crime, not an extra mouth to feed. The perfect girl has to be able to hold her own before holding on to her partner.

If it would be up to most guys, women would probably be walking around nude the majority of their adult lives; from cleaning naked, cooking naked, etc. However, as it stands women dress and the last thing a guy wants is walking fashion faux pas walking next to him. A sense of fashion is imperative. Keeping the attire sexy with a touch of class would be the idea. Of course keep in mind that guys do enjoy showing off from time to time as well. A sense of the occasion is also important, there is no need for a deep neck line if you’re just going to brunch.

Everyone likes to party, some harder than others. Ideally everyone wants a partner that is sociable. Who doesn’t want someone they can go with to their favorite club, concert, DJ, etc? Nobody wants the wallflower. Guys want someone they can keep entertained and knows how to keep them entertained. At the same time guys are not looking to wife the former club vixen or one of the girls always standing in the line for the bathroom.

It has been said plenty of times that an independent woman doesn’t need a man and they’re right; an independent woman should want her man. The perfect girl understands this and what better way to show a man that she wants him than to take care of his needs. Whether this means a little afternoon delight, making his favorite dish for dinner, or just stroking his hair when he feels like venting, there needs to be a certain amount of care given to the man that takes care of her equally.

Just as women look for a man with confidence, guys admire the same in women. Nothing strokes a guy’s ego more than the knowledge that he has one stunning and confident lady by his side. All guys want their lady to command a room with her presence as well as good looks. This more than style is much more influential, but with the two combined almost any woman can have almost any guy they wanted.

In today’s social climate there is not much value placed on sex. Guys lust after it more than success and girls give it up like it’s going out of style just for the latest style. A few nice dates, or less and you’re in. To ask that the perfect girl be a virgin would be absurd because they rarely exist. Instead, guys are looking for a new age virgin; a girl that can count how many guys she has slept with on one hand (maybe two). That’s fair, very fair; considering the numbers guys throw around when they boast about their sexual conquests. Ideally she would be willing to test her boundaries as well; some guys just have exuberant imaginations.

Finally, and perhaps the most essential trait any version of anyone’s perfect girl is that she is loyal. It seems loyalty is a disappearing trait from both sexes, but I’ll leave that for a later discussion. Everyone wants a partner who is going to be loyal, guys especially. Guys want to make sure that their partner is going to be in their corner even through the bad rounds in life; not the girl who leaves when the bottles done. Even if a girl, lady or woman embodies everything, but lacks loyalty then she’ll be put into a generally negative category of women.

That is the general consensus between guys that the makeup of a perfect girl in one way or another is made up of the aforementioned traits. It may seem like a lot for a guy to ask for in his perfect girl, but have you ever asked a woman what her perfect guy would look and act like? It’s an A-list of actors, athletes, musicians and celebrities. If any woman is able to posses these general attributes it almost certain that she’ll find her prince charming, she’ll just have to watch out for all the frogs.

- josue@yohipster.com - It's the simple things that are extraordinary. I enjoy good food, great music and better whiskey.

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